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An eight week work study course exploring the meaning of Empowerment and how to move through the obstacles that keep you from embracing your power. Learn to create what you want in your life by taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. This course promotes self-esteem, self-love and acceptance.


An experiential and therapeutic workshop encouraging open communication through self inquiry, improvisational singing, journaling and ancient sound meditation. This workshop is designed to explore alternative and positive ways to get in touch with a deeper part of ourselves and connect in this way with others. We learn in a safe environment how to improve our listening skills open our hearts, our perceptions, overcome fears, and remember the essence of who we are. No musical experience necessary.

FYV Workshops promotes:
Group participation
Enhances commumincation skills
Developing listening skills
Feeling comfortable in groups
Opening your heart
Create positive boundaries
Building confidence
Being present
Break out of the box!


KOTOTAMA- An ancient Japanese Sound Meditation which balance's the neurological pathways in the brain, as well as heals internal organs. "Koto" in Japanese means "sound" and "Tama" means "Spirit" Kototama works with the energetic meaning of the vowels and consonants which are chanted to the sun, moon orders with also corresponds to Alpha and Theta brain waves. these linguistic sound units form the roots of all language and also provide a sound structure for understanding the creative manifestation of the universe.

FIVE SEED SYLLABLES - From the Bon Tradition. Beleived to be the oldest Tibetan sound meditation in existence. Each syllable corresponds to a chakra and has a specific intention for opening places in our psyche that are closed, creating healing in all areas of our being. This simple sound meditation is an excellent daily practice for centering and well being.

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