Inside each human being, Is a bio-electric based natural intelligence with a magnetic pull directing a living organism towards health. This is the negative entropic principle. Any deviation from this innate attraction to grounded wellness creates dis-ease.

Energy/vibrational medicine has been around in various forms for centuries, the current field of energy medicine does not have one absolute definition. The definition of vibrational medicine varies according to the vibrational medicine practitioner. Although various explanations are offered for energy medicine in terms of a vital force or life energy, there is no agreed-upon scientific understanding or precise meaning of these ideas in western scientific concepts. A new paradigm for researching biology and medicine based on energy information is required in order to define energy medicine.

The first observations on the phenomenon of energy and healing was done thousands of years ago by Chinese healers, and Ayurvedic practitioners in india, The Chinese identified 12 major meridians, or pathways of energy in the body. These meridians link various limbs and organs together in an intricate network. When this energy field is strong and vibrant the entire organism remains healthy and balanced. When it is weakened or disturbed by any number of factors, the body becomes increasingly subject to weakness, dis-ease, and eventually death. The chakras were identifies by the Vedic healers in India, Chakra is the sanskrit word that means 'Wheel'.

Over the centuries healers using energy/vibrational medicine discovered that they were able to positively influence the body's health by working with its energy field. They taught their patients various techniques such as yoga, Tai chi, breathing, meditation and relaxation. They thus help their patients recover from serious illnesses and dis-eases and maintain health.

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